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Width of single blackline 53 in.
Width of firebreak You can make a firebreak of any width by successively burning parallel blacklines and then doing a controlled burn between these blacklines
Blackline burned per hour With Burner ± 0.5–1 mile per hour Using a second high-pressure handgun behind the last burning chamber achieves operational speeds at the top of the range
With Burner and Afterburner ± 1–1.5 miles per hour
Propane gas consumption ± 10 lb. per hour A DOT propane cylinder with fittings for liquid withdrawal is required.
A 100-lb. cylinder is typically used.
Water consumption ± 280 gal. per mile under optimal conditions Less with the addition of chemical fire retardant.
Dependent on the wind.
Water supply (sprayer) Tank size Typically 150 gal. An inline filter is recommended
Pump pressure 44–217 psi A Power Take-Off (PTO) pump is often used
Pump delivery rate Minimum of 5.8 gal. per minute
Fittings A manifold that can support 3 hoses is recommended Two high-pressure handguns are recommended
Power of towing vehicle A minimum of 80 hp to carry a 150-gal. water tank on the back of the vehicle Less if the water is carried on the front of the vehicle.
A tractor is often used.
Materials Burning chamber Stainless steel, lined with ceramic insulation wool
Skids Tempered steel
Size of Burner Weight ± 1235 lb. Same for Afterburner.

Length excludes hitch.
Dimensions Length: 136 in.
Width:  61 in.
Height: 84 in.
Terrain Rocks up to 9.75 in. high can pass beneath the burning chamber Rocks higher than 9.75 in. should be cleared away. The towing vehicle should circumvent large rocks that cannot be moved.
Using an Afterburner in rocky terrain is not recommended.
Grass length With Burner If longer than 3 ft., the grass should be cut Do not cut shorter than about 10 in.
With Burner and Afterburner Can exceed 3 ft. in length
Disclaimer: Firebreak Equipment CC is continually developing and improving its products. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Firebreak Equipment CC is not responsible for differences between specifications or illustrations on this website and the actual equipment.
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