Feedback from a customer in Bredasdorp, South Africa:

In 2005 the Fire Association of Bredasdorp, S.A. declared a total fire ban in the region. Our customer contacted the association with the concern that he had not yet established his firebreaks. Despite repeated requests, they refused to give him permission to burn his firebreaks under the prevailing extreme fire hazard conditions. At least, not until they saw the Blackline equipment he intended using—at which point he was able to complete the burning operation successfully and without incident. Which is why he contacted us with this story.
I bought a Firebreaker during the winter months of 2001, after seeing a demo presented by Mr. Van der Walt. I use it to burn firebreaks on my farm and find it works extremely well. It dramatically reduces the risks involved in burning firebreaks because the fire is kept under control, even in fairly windy conditions. It has enabled me to make firebreaks with greater safety, faster and more efficiently than previously. I would recommend Firebreaker 100 percent to anyone.
  Mr. Cerneels Claassen, District Reitz,
South Africa
One of the biggest problems we have to deal with is fires started by passersby and children living in the area. We bought the Firebreaker to help us deal with this problem. We have used it for two seasons now and it's very effective. It also minimizes the risk of incidents when making firebreaks.
  Mr. J. Oosthuizen for
De Beers Premier Mine LTD, Cullinan,
South Africa
Firebreaker has proved to be the perfect solution for my circumstances. As an advocate, cattle farming is a part-time occupation, therefore I have to burn firebreaks quickly and safely in the short opportunities available. My farm is near Harrismith, an area where the fire risk is high and where it is very windy. We have done over 125 miles of firebreaks this season without any serious incidents and with fewer workers than normal. The safety of Firebreaker is of utmost importance to me.
  Adv. G. Galloway, Harrismith,
South Africa
Good firebreaks are essential for protecting the game on my farm. I have used Firebreaker for two years now and find it fast, safe and easy to use.
  Mr. Kolie van Rensburg, Vaal Dam,
South Africa
My major concern when burning firebreaks between plantations of trees is safety. I feel completely at ease using Firebreaker. Also of great importance to me is the fact that I can use fewer workers without compromising the safety of the operation.
  Mr. J.M. Mentz, Vryheid,
South Africa